After Stephanopoulos, "Clinton Cash" Writer Peter Schweizer Calls For Another ABC Interview


PETER SCHWEIZER: I think what ABC could do is let’s do another interview on the Sunday morning show to talk about the contents of the book. So, we actually get a chance for viewers to hear what is in the book. That’s the first thing that I would ask. You know, looking at Stephanopoulos’ past, I mean, the question to me is really going into that interview, I kind of assumed that the relationship with the Clintons was in the past. That he had made this transition into the media, and it was a different chapter in his life. These donations, the fact that he’s going to these events, I mean, it just raises all kinds of questions about that and I think it’s legitimate for people to look into them. If this was any other political candidate and a reporter doing this, you can bet that there would be some serious consequences for it...

I mean, you have the fact that he’s a donor, you have the fact now it’s coming out that he has participated in Clinton Global Initiative events as a panelist, as a speaker multiple times, and it raises this question just about the coziness. I mean, you’ve got the finances. You’ve got these meetings that he’s attending. How you can expect to be objective is really highly questionable that kind of environment.

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