Reporter to Obama: How Can You Assure Gulf States Iran Would Not Continue Nuclear Activity After Sanctions Relief?


At a press conference late Thursday afternoon, President Obama addressed the media on day-long talks with representatives of Gulf States at Camp David on the Iran nuclear agreement.

"On the Gulf's main concern, Iran's destabilizing activity in the region, how can you really assure them that Iran would not continue that activity, if they had an influx of money from sanctions relief, when they're already accused of doing so now with a weaker economy?" Julie Pace of the Associated Press asked.

"We didn't have a document that we presented to them to sign on the bottom line, will you approve of this nuclear framework deal, because the deal is not completed," Obama said. "And in the same way that I wouldn't ask the United States Senate to or the American people, to sign off on something before they've actually seen the details of it, and given that I'm not going to sign off on any deal until I've seen the details of it, I wouldn't expect them to either."

"What I did hear from our GCC partners was, their agreement that if we can get a comprehensive, verifiable deal, that cuts off the pathways to a nuclear weapon, that that would be, in their interests, and the interest of the region, as well as the world community," the president added.

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