Cavuto: The Fed Has A Plan For After U.S. Debt Default -- How About A Plan Not To Default?


NEIL CAVUTO: The next time the financial wheels come off, just know the Federal Reserve is ready to move in, it has a plan in case we default on our debt. Great. How about a plan to make sure we don't have to use that plan? How about taking measures to avoid that last measure? How about you in Washington work together on a plan to make sure we never do get to the brink? How about a plan to avoid financial Armageddon before we get anywhere close to financial Armageddon? How about a plan where we don't have to take emergency measures because we've already taken the right measures, taken the right actions, and not set ourselves on a course to spending more money than we have or then printing more money to make up for the money we don't have?!

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