Halperin: Bernie Sanders Rising A Real Problem For Hillary, "Formidable Force"


MARK HALPERIN, BLOOMBERG POLITICS: Much has been made of her strength with Democrats, in our poll, the ABC poll, no doubt that is a huge factor, but her goal is not to be the Democratic nominee, her goal is to be president. I think Sanders rising is going to be a real problem for her, he has proven himself to be skilled at coalescing voters, we'll see if O'Malley or others can do that, but if he keeps coalescing votes, she is going to have to engage with him any more, we have already talked about this. He is dragging her to the left, she hasn't taken a position on the trade deal, in part because of Elizabeth Warren, in part because of Bernie Sanders. I think Sanders rising is bad for her.

JOHN HEILEMANN: It is not that he is pulling her left or Warren is pulling her left, the party is pulling her left. Look, I think they are ok being pulled to the left, because I think their strategy is the Obama strategy of turning out their base rather than going for the center, if that is the case, 60%, under two thirds of Democrats being for her, is on one hand really strong, and on the other hand a little shocking. Essentially four out of ten Democrats in New Hampshire saying they want Bernie Sanders or somebody else, not where people thought she was invincible, that is not invincible.

MARK HALPERIN: The other question is, if she needs to, can she go negative on Bernie Sanders, they could talk about his position on guns, but could they ever go negative on him without serious blowback. I assume they think they can. He is a formidable force, and his comebacks will be pretty potent.

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