Saudi Foreign Minister on Pulling Out Of Summit: "Circumstances Have Changed"


WOLF BLITZER, CNN: What about the fact that [Saudi King Salman is] 79 years old, has had some ailments? Was it a health factor as well?

ADEL AL-JUBEIR, SAUDI FOREIGN MINISTER: Not at all, no, Wolf. Not at all. As I was saying earlier, the idea that this is a snub or reflects a problem with the relationship is absolutely has no basis in fact. The Saudi crowed prince has always represented the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2003, then-Crown Prince Abdullah represented the kingdom at the G8 summit in Europe and nobody thought anything different about it. The current king, when he was Crown Prince, represented the kingdom at the summit in Australia last year.

BLITZER: With all due respect, Foreign Minister, why did he accept to begin then if he could have deputized the crown prince, others to come instead? Why did he lead the U.S. to believe he would be here this week?

AL-JUBEIR: The circumstances in Yemen were such that it was changing. Our cities were attacked.. the cease-fire announced. The timing of the cease-fire were announced. So the circumstances have changed.

BLITZER: You know that six leaders were supposed to be here? The president got RSVPs from all six. Four regrets, two acceptances. That sounds like a snub to me.

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