New Saudi King Is Skipping Camp David Meeting: "Both Sides Insisting This Is Not A Snub"


CUOMO, CNN: King Salman was scheduled to meet one on one with Obama at a summit with fellow Arab leaders at Camp David, but that all changed, and abruptly, likely in a show of frustration over Washington's overtures to Iran.

MICHELLE KOSINSKI, CNN: What we might see this morning is a call between the new Saudi King Salman and President Obama. Both sides are insisting that this is not a snub. The Saudis are saying it is merely a scheduliong issue.

On Friday the White House was announcing that there was going to be this sit down between the two leaders ahead of the Gulf States Summit that is happening later in the week, but then Friday night the Saudis announced that actually isn't happening, and the King won't be traveling at all.

What is weird about this, is that now, very few actual leaders are going to show up for this summit that the president invited them to at the White House and Camp David.

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