Krauthammer on Arab Snub Summit: "This Is A Loud Statement From The Gulf States" Rejecting Iran Deal


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This isn't about geriatric travel problems. This is a loud statement from the Gulf states. You don't have to be an expert. You have to be about 11 or older to understand what this statement is and it's not about Yemen. This is about Iran. This is a rejection of the agreement the United States is about to embark in with Iran by the states who are going to be very badly affected by it and who strongly object to it.

The reason that the state leaders aren't coming is because what the United States is offering in return for acquiescing to an Iran deal that does what Obama has said to make Iran a successful regional power which is an anathema to all the Gulf states. The result of that would be a terrible blow against security of the Gulf states and they are saying they will not be bought off with an agreement from the United States, even if it were a written agreement it wouldn't be worth the paper it's written on given the history of this administration carrying out the promises and the threats it makes.

BRET BAIER: So that was my question yes or no, do they get a security agreement deal?

KRAUTHAMMER: They are going to get nothing that's worth anything.

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