Alex Jones Claims ABC Is Lying About Him Not Showing Up For Roundtable About Jade Helm 15


ABC's Martha Raddatz said on Sunday that talk-show host Alex Jones did not show up for a panel discussion about concerns over Special Forces exercises going on this summer in the American Southwest.

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ALEX JONES, INFOWARS.COM: What is happening with Infowars? Who is this Alex Jones guy. I'm just an average person who doesn't want to be a slave. I've done my research. America is sliding into a tyranny, who can deny that? I'm not a partisan, I just want the Bill of Rights back. Who can deny that it is being dismantled?

And now, we have covered hundreds of military operations, hundreds, many of them for domestic take over. That is admitted. And now they have picked Jade Helm to stake everything. What is happening, what is going on? We are taking your calls.

I haven't aired all of ABC's "This Week," where they they ran this whole hoax that I didn't show up when I said I would come on because I was scared. Montel Williams went out, and a bunch of other talk show hosts were saying "Alex is hiding he is discredited. He's afraid to cover any of the issues."

This is the kind of fake victories they engage in. It is like Amazon working with the White House, delisting every conservative and libertarian website from the ratings, when the ratings are going up according to Google Analytics system we have analyzing it. Whether it is Drudge or WorldNetDaily or the Daily Caller...

It would be like giving yourself a degree or something.

MSNBC's mad that we are a thousand points higher than them in the ratings, just pay Amazon to flip the numbers!

Or just don't set up an interview with Alex Jones, and say you did, and then say he is afraid. I mean, don't you think they would put me on all of these shows, no they are afraid, because I run over them, dominate, it becomes a huge news issue, their show gets higher ratings for a week. They don't want that. They want to push their line of Bull.

Remember Piers Morgan? Does anyone believe that I was actually scared to go on?


It is so scary to sit in a studio with a camera aimed at you like I am doing right now and quote Eisenhower on the Military Industrial Complex, and talk about and hold up and quote news articles. I was looking forward to it... I should be glad that you are so delusional, because we will beat you.

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