Rachel Maddow Discovers "Panicked, Paranoid Conspiracy" In Texas Over Jade Helm: Ted Cruz & Greg Abbott


Rachel Maddow reports on the "persistent loud hum at the fringe of conservative politics," especially among Texas Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Greg Abbott, that very large U.S. military exercises scheduled this summer are actually cover for something sinister.

RACHEL MADDOW: And also there could be something to do with the aliens that are hiding underground, plus don't forget the blue laser horse thing at the Denver Airport, which is definitely involved.

Out there on the right, Jade Helm 15 is about a network of underground tunnels where the entrances are disguised by these mysteriously closed Wal-Mart stores, and the tunnels go to secret Deep Underground Military Bases -- D-U-M-B-s, Dumbs, because apparently this is an intelligence test and we're failing.

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