"Draw Mohammed Contest" Organizer Pamela Geller vs. Fundamentalist Muslim Preacher Anjem Choudary


Sean Hannity hosts an unbelievable debate between British Islamic fundamentalist preacher Anjem Choudary and Pamela Geller, the organizer of the draw Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas that al-Qaeda sympathizers attempted to attack last weekend. Hannity runs down the list of Choudary's radical views before Geller has a chance to respond:

PAMELA GELLER: Catholic laws apply only to Catholics, Jewish law applies only to Jews, but this Sharia Law takes every basic aspect of human life and asserts its authority over non-Muslims, unlike Jewish law and unlike canon law. That is why under the Sharia they are slaughtering the Christians and secular Muslims across Africa and across the Muslim world.

The fact is, in that fatwa that was issued against me, my name is preceded by kanzir, which means 'pig.'

It is the word Mohammed used before he slaughtered -- beheaded hundreds of Jews. So to first say to the liberal media that this is not religious is absurd and obscene on its face.

To blame me and say that my cartoons are controversial? Murdering cartoonists is controversial.

It is the jihadis who made this a flash point, not me. Does anyone really they they would have been peaceful, loving Americans--

Here Choudary attempts to interrupt, but Geller overrides him.

GELLER: No. I am talking sir. I know you are used to stepping over women, but you're not going to have it here.

I submit to you that my conference saved lives because I understand the threat, and we had enormous protection, and the Garland Police were superb. But those Jihadists drove a thousand miles for this conference.

Would they have hit a mall? Would they have hit a coffee shop like in Australia? That conference saved lives and shame on the media.

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