Bill Clinton: "There Is One Set Of Rules For Politics, Another Set For Real Life, You Just Have To Learn To Deal With It"


Former president Bill Clinton speaks in Marrakesh, Morocco on behalf of the Clinton Foundation about the good work the organization does in Africa. Clinton attempts to respond to a question about the political storm brewing in Washington about this activity.

MOROCCAN BILLIONAIRE MO IBRAHIM: I opened the newspaper and I was shocked to see these attacks on the foundation... I didn't see anybody from the foundation standing up and really having a go at that... Because you should have stand up and really take issue. What is this money for? What have you done with it? And that's what people should ask....

BILL CLINTON: I just work there, I don't know... You do, look, there is one set of rules for politics, and another set for real life, you just have to learn to deal with it...

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