Pamela Geller vs. FOX's MacCallum: "You're Looking To Restrict My Free Speech"; MacCallum: "Nobody's Looking To Restrict Your Speech"


Head of the "Freedom Defense Initiative" Pamela Geller appeared on Fox News Tuesday afternoon to talk about the attack on a Mohammed cartoon contest she organized. Host Martha McCallum criticizes her decision to organize such a blatantly anti-Muslim event as not conducive to making peace, but Geller defends her right to do and say whatever she wants as protected free speech.

"This is political Islam seeking to impose restrictions on free speech," she said, "and you’re asking me to abridge my speech to not offend savages. I'm not looking to denigrate anybody, I'm looking to rise people up. This country, the elemental element was freedom of speech, and we need to have more conferences. The media self-enforces this Sharia -- the media would not run those cartoons. You gave them that power. If all the media had run the cartoons, what are they going to do, they couldn't kill everybody. The fact that we are silencing ourselves... The media offends me without hesitation. So obviously there is a fear, and I believe that giving in to this savagery is a critical mistake. This is the language of the conquered, what we are listening to."

“I completely get what you are saying," responds host Martha McCallum. "But in order to reach the goal, to combat Islamic extremism and terrorism, which everybody who is on the side of civilization absolutely wants to do... How does what you did start to achieve that goal?"

"The winner of the cartoon contest is a former Muslim. He is a brave man. He risked his life and the America media won't show that cartoon. It is shameful," says Geller.

"I absolutely get where you’re coming from," the host says. "I’m just not sure you went about it the right way."

"Again, you’re looking to restrict my speech," says Geller. "You don’t like the way I am doing something. Well I don’t like the way you’re doing things, but I would never look to change it, ever."

“Nobody’s looking to restrict your speech,” MacCallum promises her before ending the interview.

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