Krauthammer: Hillary "Hiding In The Bunker" On Clinton Foundation Controversy; Campaign Threw Bill "Under The Bus"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Bill [Clinton] used to be the champion dodger and weaver. He used to be the champion parser and could do it with a smile and convincingly. He's really off his form. I don't know if he just had a bad day or if he's in decline as a dodger and a weaver. But that was not a good performance, especially if the Hillary campaign has to throw him under the bus the next day and say, well, it's just him. Look, it may be just him but the name of the foundation is Hillary and Bill and Chelsea.

The other thing that strikes me is, where is she? First they put out their stooges to go out and defend them. Then their daughter, then the husband and she's sort of hiding in the bunker. The one thing that impresses me, you mentioned how that no Democrats are coming out. The numbers in The Wall Street Journal poll are very telling. Democrats are hanging on to Hillary. Those numbers are stable. They are all in...

They are all in either because they believe in her or they know that they've got no choice. This is it. This is the machine. They are going to go all the way. You don't want to be on the wrong side of they end up winning. So, what's happening now is these effects -- the drops in the polls, the higher negatives, the untrustworthiness is all from independents, obviously Republicans, but the swing voters that she would need in order to win. This is not good for her.

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