Howard Dean: Hillary's Negative Numbers "Not Terribly Worrisome"; "Glad" GOP Is Throwing Everything They Can At Her Now


Former head of the DNC Howard Dean answers questions about whether the media firestorm surrounding the forthcoming book "Clinton Cash" is doing lasting damage to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaigns.

THOMAS ROBERTS MSNBC: All right. So, two that we potentially know of, more maybe to come. And you know, the GOP is hitting Hillary Clinton and doing so on the issue of trust, fallen about 13 points the last year on that topic. More recently, her favorables have fallen. How big of a worry should this be for her campaign? She was up, you know, pretty high. So, what's up must come down. Is this worrisome?

HOWARD DEAN: It's not terribly worrisome. First of all there's no 'there' there. The press has been talking about this for two weeks and yet to find anything damning and certainly nothing that is illegal. Secondly this is what was expected.

I'm actually glad it's happening now. The GOP is throwing everything they can at her. Mostly this is about politics. I think she has actually survived quite well and I was very happy with the numbers that she showed and actually a little surprised at how strong she was against all of the Republicans, including Jeb Bush. She still leads them by a very significant margin. Now, again this is the very early part of the campaign. The polls are gonna change. But I think, you know, so far, so good.

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