Hillary Clinton: If Congress Refuses To Act on Immigration I'll "Go Even Further"


At a campaign event in Las Vegas on Tuesday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton scolded "partisan attacks" on executive actions President Obama put in place to stop DREAMers and various other illegal immigrants from being deported. Clinton said she would "go even further" if Congress "continues to refuse to act."

"I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for you and for your families across our country," Clinton said.

"I will fight to stop partisan attacks on the executive actions that would put DREAMers, including those with us today, at risk of deportation. And if Congress continues to refuse to act, as president I would do everything possible under the law to go even further," Clinton added.

"That is just the beginning," Clinton promised. "There is much more to do to expand and enhance protections for families and communities to reform immigration enforcement and detention practices so they are more humane, more targeted, and more effective. And to keep building the pressure and support for comprehensive reform."

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