CNN Legal Expert Feels Personally Insulted By "Anarchist" Crowd Saying "We Don't Need Any Police"


MICHAEL SMERCONISH, CNN: Yesterday I was watching the coverage when you were positioned right here. You were listening to hours of speeches. And many of them you found as a person of law enforcement background to be very uncomfortable. Those speakers you heard here yesterday, some of whom were calling for anarchy, are they going to be satisfied with what they just heard from the mayor and the governor essentially saying time to move on?

TOM FUENTES, CNN: No, and I don't know what would satisfy them. What the gentleman here with a bullhorn was shouting with several thousand people cheering him on was all police are pigs, all police are bad, we don't need any police, all of our brothers and sisters who were arrested claiming to burn businesses, the rioters, essentially, should be let out, they're good people, and everybody should be let out of jail and all police should be either eliminated or put in jail.

OTHER CNN PANELIST: But I mean let's be honest –

TOM FUENTES, CNN: I had to listen to that for two hours, Evan. It was enough.

OTHER CNN PANELIST: He doesn't represent not even like –

TOM FUENTES, CNN: You know what? That would be true if they stood silent and said get him out of here. But there were a couple thousand people on this grass lawn over here cheering every time he said we don't need the police. 40 years in law enforcement, I don’t exactly like hearing that.

OTHER CNN PANELIST: Again, they don't represent the majority of the people -- people in sand town went to work yesterday. A lot of people were not out here. And I don't think -- you talk to people out here, they do not agree with that. They want to be able to call the police and get help when they need it.

TOM FUENTES, CNN: They will when they get home. But they were out here cheering him on.

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