Baltimore Man: When I Was A Marine I Was Called A Patriot, When I Fight For My People I'm A Thug


A man, identifying himself as a Marine, yelled at law enforcement after the charges against six Baltimore City police officers were announced. Many members of the Baltimore City Police Department are veterans.

"We gave our lives for this country," the emotional man said to the police suited up in riot gear. "Look at you. Is this what it's coming to, man? I love this fucking country, too. Just as much as you do. We're fighting for a reason, man. I was willing to give my life for this country, man. Look at this community now, man."

"You're the same people I went to war with," he said.

"I see that you are very emotional. You're very emotional. Tell me and explain to me where that's coming from," a CNN reporter asked the man.

"This is crazy. They tell me we are apart of this country, man. How can we be? How can we be part of this country? Look at this," he told her.

"I don't believe anything until I see the end result," the man said about the state's attorney filing charges against six police officers. "We got to stop being pacified every time they throw us a bone where they want us to calm down, man. We need to wait for the end result to come in."

"I was willing to give my life for this country. Look at my community, man. Look around here. The same people who we go to war with coming to war on us."

"When I was in the Marine Corps, they called me a patriot. A marine. But now that I'm fighting for my people they call me a fucking thug. They called me a thug when I fight for my people," the enraged man said.

The man was later accosted by a resident of Sandtown, Baltimore (where Freddie Gray was arrested) when he said he was from Belvedere Square, Baltimore and was told to go home. Belvedere, while not nearly as impoverished as Sandtown, is also in the inner-city and is only a few blocks away.

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