MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid: Baltimore Is Like Gaza, "Young People Acting" Out Over Frustrations They "Take In Generationally"


JOY ANN REID: If you look around -- again, we're about a block from where there's a heavy force of armed police officers in full body armor. You can hear choppers overhead. I don't know if you can hear it. They keep buzzing over our heads.

But in this area, a block from there, there are buildings that these weren't damaged in any riot. these are buildings that are abandoned, where people are trying to live and work.

And then if [the camera] could swing around the other way, this is how close we are to downtown. If we look just down this way, Johns Hopkins, other sources of the great wealth in this city of Baltimore, we're not far from Washington, D.C.

You see people are just trying to live and work and go about their daily lives.

You have problems compounded on problems. I talked to a young man today who said that when he hears people calling the young people in this community thugs, he's offended by it, because he's saying look around at what these young people are trying to work with.

When they see their parents being roughed up by police on top of the issues of unemployment and poverty that are already piled on top of them, he essentially likened it almost to Gaza. You have young people acting out of the frustration that they're taking in generationally from their families. So we have a lot of problems here that need to be dealt with. The policing aspect just compounds it.

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