Sharpton: We Cannot "Tolerate" Those On The "Far Right" That Don't Care About Freddie Gray


On MSNBC's coverage of Baltimore on Tuesday afternoon, network anchor Al Sharpton denounced last night's rioting in the city but also said we cannot "tolerate" those on the "far right" who "may not care" about Freddie Gray.

AL SHARPTON: The fact is that we cannot let the looting and rioting become used by those that might want to justify over and overly aggressive policing. And two, to lose in the process of the discussion, the fact that this is about Freddie Gray and justice for he and his family. I tell a lot of young people that we cannot tolerate those on the far right that may not care about Freddie Gray, but you can't be so angry you don't care about Freddie Gray.

If you become the story, if you become the headline, then you become the distraction. Then you're only helping aiding and abetting those that you claim you're fighting. The real issue here is how a young man died in police custody that should not have been in police custody, according to his family's attorney. And we don't have any answers on that. Looting a store and burning down a house does not get us any closer to the answer. It gets us further away.

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