Rioter to Reporter: "Don't Point The Camera Over Here If You Know What's Good For You"


CNN'S Miguel Marquez reports on the scene in Baltimore as a townhouse burns. Marquez says his cameraman and he were threatened by rioters and looters and told not to point the camera toward them "if you know what's good for you."

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN: We have seen stores and shops, mom-and-pop shops all over this area that have been ransacked, the front windows busted out. The liquor store completely wiped clean of anything. Many of them with a neighborhood we were just in, the store fronts look okay, but on the backside, rioters and looters have gone in and stolen everything out the backside.

In the alley, it's a frightening scene with the number of individuals in the alleyways. I can tell you they also -- if you were to point a camera, we saw some of them going in the alley. They saw us looking at the firefighters and they basically said, don't point the camera over here if you know what's good for you. That is the level to which things have descended in Baltimore at this point.

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