Krauthammer: We Don't Elect Mayors To Express Sadness; Baltimore Schools, Single Parenthood Are The Problem


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: You elect a mayor not to express sadness but to do something to prevent the events that cause sadness. And as Steve points out, they deliberately held back the police for reasons that these were, what, 15, 16-year-old kids. If a 16-year-old kid is torching a CVS store, a drugstore, the police have to do something. They can't just say, well, they're underage or they're too young so I'm going to give them a pass.

As for the long-term cause that President Obama spoke about, we have heard this in numerable reports since the Kerner Report after the 1968 riots. We know what the problems are, essentially there are two problems. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said that the one rule of any society is to socialize its young males and it's the young males who are out there rioting yesterday and there are two issues in the inner cities. One is single parenthood and the other is the worst schools on earth.

Of the first, we have no idea how to solve that, of the second, we do. If you can't improve the schools, give the kids a choice to go to better schools. The parents begged to have that opportunity but the teachers unions won't allow it and thus the Democrats won't. If you want to do something, let them choose their school.

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