Activist on CNN: "If We Can't Decide That Life Regardless Of Color Matters, Then A Building Means Nothing To Me"


On CNN's coverage of the riot of Baltimore early Tuesday morning, activist Ifeoma Ike, found of the group Black and Brown People Vote, said a building, schools and black-owned property doesn't matter unless we "decide as a nation that life regardless of color matters."

"Burning property is not right," Ike said. I know some other people were saying but black property matters, black employment matters. But if you're not alive, who cares. That life still has to be what is the premier reason that we're fighting for the safety of all people.

"If we as a nation can't decide that life regardless of color matters, then a building means nothing to me. A place of employment, a school means nothing to me," Ike declared.

"It doesn't mean that I don't mourn the fact that somebody has lost their job, but somebody has to be alive to have a job. So we have to make sure that we keep the message about life," she said.

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