James Rosen: Does Obama Admin Believe Americans Imprisoned In Iran Are Hostages? Earnest: They Are Being "Unjustly Detained"


JAMES ROSEN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: Josh with respect to the individuals who are being held in Iran. Is it the view of the Obama administration that these individuals are, in fact, being held against their will.

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: These citizens that we have talked about, these three citizens, are individuals who are being unjustly detained in Iran. We believe they should be released, and as American citizens we believe they should be returned back to the U.S. where they can be reunited with their families.

JAMES ROSEN: So since we have just established that the Obama administration regards that these individuals are being held unjustly, against their will, is it the view of President Obama and his national security team, that these individuals, being held against their will in Iran, are in fact, hostages.

JOSH EARNEST: I don't think there is a special legal determination. So what I would say is that we believe these individuals should be released, they are being unjustly detained, they should be released so they can be reunited with their families back here in the U.S.

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