FOX's Bo Dietl on Baltimore Riots: These Agitators Are The Ones Who Inspired NYPD Cop Killers


Fox analyst and former NYPD detective Bo Dietl connects the murder of NYPD officers by a man from Baltimore earlier this year and "outside agitators" instigating protests today surrounding the murder of Freddie Gray.

BO DIETL: I was watching the video from Saturday night['s riot in Baltimore]. It was the usual suspects, the ones who come into New York here. The agitators were there. And I saw -- it's just funny to see -- these white guys, six-foot tall white guys with bandanas over their faces. They're trying to hide their faces, what are they doing there? One thing.

They're trying to stir up the young kids, and make it like [this is] right. And on top of it, when then Bloods and the Crips come out, and now do we remember where that creep came from that killed our two New York City cops? He came from Baltimore.

Now we are giving them another signal that it's okay to go kill some cops now because it's justice, and you're taking justice. Like that idiots that came from Baltimore, who we wouldn't repeat his name, who assassinated these young cops here in New York. I just pray to god that doesn't happen in Baltimore.

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