Lanny Davis vs. FOX's MacCallum: "I Don't Know What Fishy Means"; People Can "Infer What They Want, But My Facts Are Not Disputable"


Clinton surrogate Lanny Davis appeared on FOX News Friday morning to defend former Secretary State Hillary Clinton from the controversy surrounding donations made to the Clinton Foundation and the claim that quid pro quo deals were made. The interview, which lasted 9 full minutes, with FOX's Martha MacCallum had some heated moments. Transcript of the key parts are below.

MARTHA MacCALLUM, FOX NEWS: The fact that her husband was meeting with the executives involved in that deal at their house in Chappaqua makes that sound a little fishy, Lanny.

LANNY DAVIS: I don't know what fishy means. If you have a fact to say why you feel fishy I can't control your feeling about that. I only speak to what the facts are.

MacCALLUM: Those are the facts. The facts are she said she didn't know anything about that deal that gave away a lot of our uranium products to a Russian company and put them in control of Vladimir Putin and you say there is nothing there and that's what the American people will decide...

MacCALLUM: I want to play a sound bite from Judge Napolitano. He believes strongly that at least the suggestions in this and the reporting that is coming up and it's coming from so many different places. You have Newsweek, the Washington Post, The New York Times. So the right-wing conspiracy argument simply doesn't work in this case. Here is what Judge Napolitano said about this:

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: If the foreign policy, the public policy of the United States of America was influenced by donations to the Clinton Foundation or fees paid to bill Clinton which under New York state law which is where Mrs. Clinton and Bill make their marital home are hers as well as his...

The FBI must conduct an investigation whether there was active or passive known or unknown bribery in this case.

MacCALLUM: And he went on to say, Lanny, that even if one person in any of this comes forward and says, 'You know what, I felt pressured. If I didn't hire Bill to do a speech or if I didn't give to the foundation that my deal wasn't going to happen.' Would that be a problem in your mind?

DAVIS: The important word is "if." I agree with Judge Napolitano and I certainly agree with your "if" question. If there is evidence of bribery -- which is what the Clinton's are being accused of -- that somebody bribed them to change policy, there is not a single fact, even the author of the book says there isn't.

So it's all inference. And people have a right to infer what they want, but my facts are not disputable. The people on that board, nine agencies, approved the deal, and the individual from State said never heard from Mrs. Clinton. There is no evidence that President Clinton, that I've seen yet, tried to influence any decision by any governmental agency.

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