Axelrod: "No Doubt" There's "Smoke" Around Clinton Foundation Contributions, But There Is No Evidence


WILLIE GEIST, "MORNING JOE" CO-HOST: David Axelrod, you've read through most of these stories. You've been following the coverage I know. The Clinton campaign says smoke, no fire. What are you saying?

DAVID AXELROD: I began my career as a newspaper reporter. I used to do investigative reporting. And what I was always told by my editors, and drilled into me, you can have A and you can have C, but if you don't have B, it's not a story. No doubt that there is smoke around these contributions.

And the way the foundation raises money will continue to be an issue. But there is absolutely no evidence, even in the stories that were written, that Secretary Clinton made an extraordinary decision influenced by this money, the Times acknowledged that. And in fact there were nine agencies involved in this decision.

So were all of them in -- as Secretary of Treasurer and everybody -- in on this conspiracy to help a contributor to the Clinton Foundation. I don't think so...

I think it is fair to say that an accumulation of these stories is a burden for her campaign.

And there is no question about it. But I just caution everybody at this table, as a voice from the Midwest, that people out there are not sitting there reading all the details of these stories. They're trying to pay their bills. And they're be looking for somebody who can help on that.

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