Dem Strategist: Drone Deaths A "Massive Intelligence Failure"


TOURE: The issue of drones, extraordinarily sensitive and complicated political issue; hundreds of innocent civilians killed by drones. But of course, they do allow us to expand the battlefield and attack terrorists where our soldiers cannot go. Keeping our men and women who are soldiers out of harm's way. So is the collateral damage that is almost inevitable worth it to expand the battlefield?

JIMMY WILLIAMS: I don't know how put a value on human lives, the two men that were killed unfortunately, on the other hand, we killed two terrorists. And that's a good thing. The fact they were Americans who turned into terrorists. Look, the politics of this are -- are very complicated. the CIA is the one that called this strike. You might remember that two years ago, May, 2013, the president of the United States went to the national defense university and said he was going to move this program from the CIA to the Department of Defense. Guess what -- here we are two years later, and that hasn't happened. I have a feeling that the people in the building behind me are going to want to ask the question why has that not happened. I have a feeling [Congress] will want to ask that question. Because let's be clear, what happened in January was a massive intelligence failure. A massive intelligence failure. And that's why these people died needlessly.

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