Bloomberg's Josh Green: Clintons Using "Character Assassination" Of Peter Schweizer To Deflect


JOSHUA GREEN, BLOOMBERG: Can I jump in? I actually have read the New York Times story. I got up this morning and read it.

And one of the things that is disclosed in the story is that the Clintons got millions of dollars in donations, that weren't disclosed, as they had agreed with the Obama administration they would do.

So there are serious charges. There is real reporting here...

The sort of character assassination of Peter Schweizer. It is worth remembering
He wrote a very well regarded book about the Bushes, he wrote a book about insider trading in Congress that LED to the bipartisan Stock Act of 2012. He tends to kind of get smeared, but it's worth remembering this is a serious guy who has done serious work that led to a serious article. And to Jonathan's point, the one thing we haven't seen isanyone from the Clinton world come out and rebut the charges and say here is why they're wrong, here's why we took this money. Here's why we didn't disclose it. That is the next step in this story.

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