Karl Grills Earnest: Do You Agree With Hillary Clinton That Small Businesses Have "Stalled Out" Under Obama?


JONATHAN KARL, ABC NEWS: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in New Hampshire and she had made a comment about the economy and I want to get your reaction to this. Regarding small business creation, she says that small business creation has "stalled out" -- she was surprised to learn this -- "stalled out" in the United States. Does the White House agree with Hillary Clinton's analysis of the state of the economy regarding small businesses?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: I didn't see the entirety of her remarks but I can tell you that the president certainly believes that there is more that we can do here in Washington to put into place policies that will further strengthen job creation in our economy. Whether that is important investments in rebuilding our infrastructure, the president believes me can make some common sense investments in infrastructure by merely closing some loopholes that benefit the wealthy and well-connected. By making smart investments in infrastructure we can create jobs right away. Many of those jobs would be created by small businesses all across the country and we would also see long-term economic benefits associated with a modern, upgraded critical infrastructure in this country.

JONATHAN KARL: Do you agree with Hillary Clinton that under President Barack Obama small business creation has “stalled out” in the U.S.?

JOSH EARNEST: You’re acting as if that is a direct quote, I suspect it is not.

JONATHAN KARL: Stalled out. Small business creation has “stalled out.” Do you agree that it has stalled out?

JOSH EARNEST: The president himself has said many times that there are additional important steps that could be taken by Washington D.C. where members of Congress no longer serve as an impediment to forward economic momentum, but actually support it.

JONATHAN KARL: That’s not my question though, do you agree that small business creation has stalled in the U.S.

JOSH EARNEST: I didn’t see the majority of her remarks.

JONATHAN KARL: Has small business creation stalled in the U.S.?

JOSH EARNEST: I’ll look at the statistics and get back to you.

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