"Morning Joe" Panel: "Death By A Thousand Cuts" For The Clintons: "Proving The Quid-Pro-Quo"


The panel on MSNBC's Morning Joe discuss the new book targeting Hillary Clinton over foreign donations to her family Foundation.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: This is the kind of stuff everybody was saying in real time. In real time people were saying those "personal emails" could be about Clinton Foundation speeches, that they could be communication that you could tie in with all these other things...

DORIAN WARREN, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: This is sort of like death by a thousand cuts. First the email scandal, now this book coming out. It is gonna be around for a few weeks. People are going to delve into it to see if there is any there there.

MIKA BRZEZINKSI, MSNBC: Is the basic contention of the book that she --the Clinton Foundation-- received money from foreign countries, some of which have policies that we may not agree with
-- and that she was dealing with as Secretary of State? Whether is was quid-pro-quo, the problem is that there was money changing hands.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The problem is that you have this in a lot of political corruption trials. It is also a way of proving the quid-pro-quo. Proving the email was sent at a certain time, about the same time a deal was passed that would make somebody that paid Bill Clinton $100,000 -- well actually he made $550,000 when she was Secretary of State. He gets paid that money. The allegations are here that things are passing through the State Department that are making people money who are giving them $500,000-550,000 dollars.

Again, if any Clinton people think this doesn't intensify the questions about these emails, and what she was sending at what time, they're kidding themselves...

MARK HALPERIN: Heh, I have a Foundation to sell them in Brooklyn.

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