Gutfeld to Republicans: Focus Less On Hillary And More On How Democratic Party Is Bent On Division


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: I’m interested in the criticism of the critics.

We predicted a long time ago that there would be an immunity blanket thrown around Hillary based on accusations of sexism –Maureen Dowd-- And this weekend this is what she wrote. She claimed that the Republican rivals will come up with every misogynist thing they can against her.

That means every criticism directed at her is misogynistic –which in a weird way is misogynistic that Maureen Dowd would think every criticism is misogynistic.

Because she's saying that Hillary is incapable of absorbing legitimate criticism. She is too weak.

The GOP needs to focus less on her and more on the overall message of the Democratic Party, a hard left organization bent on division.

You have to -- you focus on that, then the inevitable conclusion is unity and the person who can best create an evocative message on unity will win the nominee and probably win the country.

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