Clinton Spokeswoman on "Clinton Cash" Book: Some Issues "Were Priorities Of Obama Administration," Not "Unilaterally Hillary Clinton"


KAREN FINNEY, HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN SPOKESPERSON: I think that's unfair because we've been very clear from the beginning of this. This is sort of a ramp-up process. The idea here, she wanted to get out and talk to people. She has a lot of ideas. And frankly, it was interesting watching what was going on in New Hampshire today had nothing to do with the book while there was all this scrum basically on the inside of the beltway, blogs and so forth about this book. So that's her process, right? So the idea being three to four weeks of this visit in the early states, having these conversations, hearing people's questions, and then start to roll out policy. I mean, we have 19, 18 months here. We'll start that process May or so.

So the idea is we're not going to be knocked off our game. This is the way she wanted to do it to be able to talk to people. We've been asked different questions; we've answered those questions. Last week there was a question about where she was on marriage equality, which she's had a consistent position on that, despite the way it was reported. So, you know, when we're asked the questions, we've had answers to the questions. I think part of it, though, is as a spokesperson trying not to get ahead of her because she's got her platform that she wants to roll out. We're not being not forthcoming...

The other thing I would say is all of the issues that were cited in The New York Times story, these were all things that were priorities and issues of the Obama administration. These were not things where unilaterally Hillary Clinton could have said you get this and you get that and you get that. That's not the way it works. I mean, again, there's a bit of disinformation. And that's why I say there's a lot of just throwing different facts together to make it seem like there might be something going on.

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