O'Malley: "I'm Not Sure Why" Others Aren't Challenging Hillary Clinton


BOB SCHIEFFER, FACE THE NATION: What do you think of way she launched her campaign? All these Republicans are up there making speeches, kind of doing it the old fashioned way. She gets in this little van and drives all the way out there, she's giving no interviews as far as I can tell. She hasn't had a news conference. Can you get the nomination that way and how will you do it?

FMR. GOV. MARTIN O'MALLEY (D-MD): Well, look, I'll let others talk -- second guess her strategies and tactics she can certainly defend herself. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Secretary Clinton. I believe the best way to campaign is one on one. You can't forge a new sort of consensus, you can't forge public opinion by following public opinion you have to engage with people in living room after living room and luncheonettes and lunch counters. I think that is the best type of campaign, the one-on-one contact where we talk about better choices we need to make to get earnings to rise again.

SCHIEFFER: Do you think that having more candidates is good for the Democratic party? Here is a party that won last two presidential elections. Yet it comes down to there seems to be this one candidate. Shouldn't there be more people out there? Shouldn't the party -- why nobody but you, I don't mean this in deprecating way towards you, but you seem to be the lone guy who is even thinking about challenging her.

O'MALLEY: Yeah, I'm not sure why that is. But I think it would be an extreme poverty indeed if there weren't more than one person willing to compete for the presidential nomination of the Democratic party. But this is the way I think it's supposed to work. I believe that if you had the executive experience, the ideas that can serve our nation well and the ability to govern you should offer your candidacy and then let the people decide.

If we do that then we can be the party that leads our country into the future but we won't do it unless we offer ideas for the future and break with things like bad trade deals, the systematic deregulation of Wall Street that many Democrats were complicit in and helped get us into this mess.

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