McAuliffe: Clintons Had "Tough Finanical Times" After Leaving White House; Hillary's Mother Was Abandoned


Clinton confidante, former DNC chairman and current Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe defended Hillary Clinton's claim that her family was bankrupt after leaving the White House in an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press today.

CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: You have a fascinating quote in your book that you quote Hillary Clinton and talk about this: 'They had bankrupted is totally.' This is Hillary Clinton, this is you quoting her in the book:

HILLARY CLINTON: They had bankrupted is totally. We own nothing. We didn't own a car. We didn't own a house. Here we were 50 years old, and we owned nothing. Nothing. All the money we had, which was brought into the White House, was gone. I hadn't made any money in eight years, so it was really horrible.

And this is why you helped them out. You gave them a bridge loan for the house, and I understand that as a personal friend. But a lot of people will see something like that and say they didn't have nothing. They had huge earning power. They had nothing compared to a lot of rich friends. Is this something she's got to fix if she is going to connect with everyday Americans?

GOV. TERRY MCAULIFFE (D-VA): I don't want to spend too much time going back to the late 1990s, 2000s. I've been friends with them since 1980. I cannot tell you the distress in that family at that time with all the issues, all legal fees, banks refusing to give them a mortgage. So listen, people go through tough financial times. Remember, Hillary's mother, she was abandoned. So that's why Hillary's always been a fighter, the child needs someone out there to be a guardian for them.

She came up in a middle class family. You look at her background -- I mean you can look at her today, obviously, years later, but her growing up. Her middle class roots. Her own mother was abandoned. You never forget that, Chuck. That's why Hillary is out every day talking to voters about how can I make your life better? Let the Republicans spend their time attacking her. That's fine.

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