Juan Williams: If Gyrocopter Pilot Had Been A Black Muslim, They Would Have Shot Him Down


In a Fox News Sunday panel on new security threats like personal helicopters and drones, Juan Williams is not happy that some Republicans’ answer for police incompetence is to give them even more power to use force.

JUAN WILLIAMS, THE HILL: We need less emphasis on the hysteria and the fear and the firings, and more emphasis on the idea that we are an open democratic society. We -- you know, Pennsylvania Avenue's closed off here—

CHRIS WALLACE: Are you saying the guy in the gyrocopter should be able to--

JUAN WILLIAMS: No. We have to focus on closing gaps for these low-flying aircraft and the drones – you know the drone that landed on the White House lawn. We have to address that. We can do this sensibly.

But the idea we should be more militaristic -- Senator Graham said we should have shot down this mail carrier. My goodness gracious, if he had been a Black Muslim, maybe we would have. But I don’t think there is any need to shoot down these people.

CHRIS WALLACE: Whoa, whoa.

JACKIE KUCINICH, DAILY BEAST: But they shot that woman who drove her car and led police on a chase, so that has happened. So it is very serious.

What struck me is this, how you saw officials joking about this guy and flying his helicopter onto the lawn. It’s not funny. This is serious. The lack of -- I think that's where the complacency comes in. When you see someone like Secretary Johnson kind of laughing about this, in retrospect -- that shocked me.

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: There’s a pattern here. It’s a pattern of management failure. Secret Service, DEA, Veteran’s Administration, Department of HHS trying to get that health care website up and running.

Across this sprawling leviathan bureaucracy we're seeing this pattern of repeated management failure. And that's the larger picture here that I think needs to be looked at. This government is not well managed. It’s not well and efficiently run and it these to be. We need better people. First off, we need better leadership and management.

JUAN WILLIAMS: I agree with that but we don't need to be the Kremlin here. We have so many police forces.You heard what Congressman Chaffetz said there are 38 police agencies in Washington D.C.

BRIT HUME: And district police are good on enforcing parking.

CHRIS WALLACE: Wait a minute. I’m surprised, Juan. When he was in the air, we didn't know what he was carrying with him. He could have been carrying a bomb. Or carrying a chemical agent. So to sit there and say, well, we shouldn't have shot him down, but you didn't know what he was carrying.

JUAN WILLIAMS: No, but I don't think we need to be extreme and hysterical and start shooting anything. We need to close that gap and make sure

KARL ROVE: I would. I would.

BRIT HUME: I would shoot him. A vehicle coming down the mall, you don't know who it is, coming toward the Capitol. Should you shoot it down or not?

JUAN WILLIAMS: No! I said no. I said no.

BRIT HUME: No matter what?

JUAN WILLIAMS: Not no matter what. If I know this is a direct threat -- by the way, they should have known what was happening. If there's incompetence you're talking about, mismanagement, is they interviewed this guy. Apparently the Tampa Bay Times knew he was coming and told them two hours before. But to start shooting everybody and throwing up fences and steel tips on the White House, it’s crazy!

Full segment here: "FOX News Sunday" Panel: Hillary's First Week, Handicapping GOP Field, Loretta Lynch, Secret Service

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