Mort Zuckerman: Obama "Has Lost A Lot Of Support In The Jewish Community"


BUCHANAN: You watch her -- she’ll come very strongly pro-Israel and she will get this Obama-Netanyahu battle behind her and away from the Democratic Party, and I think the Democrats have to do that, do they not, Mort?

ZUCKERMAN: Well, I certainly think that Obama has lost, shall we say, a lot of support in the Jewish community.

BUCHANAN: What do you mean? She will cause --

CLIFT: She’s not going to walk away from any deal. She’s not going to away from any deal if there is one.

BUCHANAN: She won’t walk away with the Iran deal.



ZUCKERMAN: Well, I think the Iran deal is going to have its own natural death in my own belief, but we’ll see what happens, you know?

BUCHANAN: Natural death? Who’s going to kill it? You mean it’s going to die naturally?

ZUCKERMAN: Yes, that’s what I think.


CLIFT: Well, they haven’t got one yet. But if they get one and I think the chances are good they will.

BUCHANAN: The Republicans are going to run, for two years on We’re going to bomb Iran. I don’t think that’s a winning formula, Mort. Do you?

ZUCKERMAN: No, but I think the presentation and the analysis of what the issue is, is a big issue and it will come out, and I think the Obama administration is going to have to bear that particular burden.

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