Soledad O'Brian: Attend "Global Citizen" Festival Tomorrow in D.C. To Get Government To "Assign Some Money" To Fix World Poverty


The Earth Day "Global Citizen" festival is being held tomorrow near the Washington Monument.

SOLEDAD O'BRIEN, AL JAZEERA: We're expecting at least a quarter of a million people... I think it is a really important way to bring awareness --you guys well know because MSNBC is the broadcast partner-- to bring awareness that we could actually focus on solving this issue of poverty around the globe. You have to bring the public to care, the public has to put pressure on elected officials who can actually assign some money to the problem. They're looking at a bunch of different issues. One, women, if you invest in getting women educated --so basic-- if you educate women you know they don't have so many children that they can not feed and the entire family raises up in terms of education level and income level. If you feed people, same issue. You just gotta end extreme poverty in these countries.

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