Russell Brand Deconstructs Hillary's "Propaganda" Campaign Video: Like Obama She Is Only "Superficially Different"


Russell Brand watches Hillary Clinton's first campaign video and looks at how she is trying to spread "tentacles of normal-ness" in all possible directions.

RUSSELL BRAND: What we're being telegraphed here is naturalness, organicness and normalness...

Trying to act normal and trying to equate the presidency of Hillary Clinton with the destiny of ordinary Americans...

Propaganda is the means by which power communicates with the people that is governs. The first function of propaganda is to pretend that it is authentic relationship, using, in this case, literal “authentic” people endorsing her, and relating how their ordinary everyday: working, going back to work, retiring, having a baby, being an Asian lady problems relate to the presidency of Hillary Clinton, but in reality, how will these peoples’ lives be impacted? Will it be positive?

“Get ahead and stay ahead,” what a redundant piece of language. “Yeah, but like what if after I get ahead, things go real bad?” “You’ll be staying ahead.” “Oh, thanks Hillary.”

This isn’t her first brush with power, is it? I mean, she’s been in the White House. And during that time she was Secretary of State, 60 companies that lobbied the State Department donated $26 million to the Clinton Foundation while Clinton was pushing governments to sign deals and change policies to the advantage of corporate giants such as General Electric, Exxon-Mobil, Microsoft, and Boeing.

They all donated to her foundation.

She has explicit financial relationships with big business. Much like that Chinese lady or the African-American couple or the lesbians or the little boy. They basically get their funding from Exxon…

Clinton set up a spying network targeting African leaders, U.N. officials and diplomats. While she was Sec. of State she promoted fracking abroad, encouraged developing countries to sign deals with American fossil fuel companies, the Clinton Foundation has relationships with Saudi Arabia, I mean this woman is not an alternative…

She’s the same in every conceivable way. She works for big business, she agrees with spying, she agrees with shutting down the actual power of the public and controlling peoples’ lives...

Let's look at last time we were offered an alternative because they were superficially different. Why it is Barack Obama of course. He said he was going to close Guantanamo Bay if he was elected. He didn't. Because he couldn't, not because he goes there and says "this is great." It is because he doesn't have the power.

The Iraq War continues in its various new rebranded and rebooted form. He failed to mend relations with Russia, in fact they've gotten worse, he failed to heal racial divisions within America... The NSA has increased spying powers. Inequality has increased. Remember "Hope! Change! Barack Obama's black!" yeah?

Oh, it doesn't make any bloody difference at all. They can't do anything. Their relationships and their systems are already set, there aren't two paths, there is one... The world of politics is actually without gender or color. It is incredibly honest band non-judgmental. The color is white, the color is green. The color of the dollar. It doesn't matter who you vote for.

That's why I say don't vote. Not because I'm like, "who cares, man, just sit back and have a joint." I'm just saying it won't make any difference. If you want a change, if you want your country back, if you want to go on a journey that helps lesbians and colored people and people looking for jobs and retiring and all sorts of different people, you have to get involved in politics. Stop trusting politicians to do it for you because they are not going to do it. They don't work for you, they work for big business.

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