Earnest: Hillary Clinton Does Not Automatically Get Obama's Endorsement


APRIL RYAN: Does Hillary Clinton automatically have President Obama's support no matter which Democrats come into the race because she was his Secretary of State -- because it was such a big deal after the 2008 election, skirmishes that happened, that they made about the "Team Of Rivals." Does she automatically get his support?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: The answer to that question is no. The fact is the president obviously had an opportunity to see up close how effective a campaigner she can be. She was obviously a very formidable opponent in the 2008 contest for the Democratic nomination.

In 2012, Sec. Clinton was a very effective advocate for President Obama's general election campaign, and over his first four years in office she proved to be a very effective Secretary of State. Over that time, President Obama has had the opportunity to build a strong personal relationship with her, as he indicated in his news conference on Saturday, the two of them have become friends. As has been speculated by you and many others there are other people who are friends of the president who may at some point decide to get into the race, so the president has not offered any endorsement at this point. This will be the responsibility of Democratic voters to decide who will be the Democratic nominee for president.

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