Ignatius: Every Time Hillary Brings Up Foreign Policy And Tenure As Secretary of State "Benghazi Blunts That"


On Sunday's broadcast of Face the Nation on CBS, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius said every time Hillary Clinton uses her time at the State Department to bolster her foreign policy message, the issue of Benghazi will come up and blunt that.

BOB SCHIEFFER, FACE THE NATION: Let me just ask David and bring him in on this, the whole top of this broadcast we were talking about this whole -- where this deal with the Iranians is right now. Do you see this as impacting on the campaign?

DAVID IGNATIUS, WASHINGTON POST: Oh, I think without question it is an issue that will overlie the campaign. It is the most important foreign policy issue of the day, the most important diplomatic negotiation I would say of the last few decades. Hillary Clinton has been very careful in what she said, but the truth is, this whole initiative, engagement began when she was Secretary of State, and so in a sense she is going to need to take ownership of the process, if not necessarily the result.

I think one problem she has -- Peggy [Noonan] and Susan [Page] were exactly right in saying -- she has to tell the country what she wants. And part of that story is contained in her time as Secretary of State and Benghazi blunts that, and every time she says I was Secretary of State and then up comes Benghazi. There are many areas that she listed in her memoir where she disagreed with President Obama and she is going to have to make those clear. Egypt, Russia, Syria, key areas of policy, but I do think she is going to have to take foreign policy on Iran and everything else and make it a key issue for her as a former secretary of state.

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