Hugh Hewitt: Hillary Candidacy Like "Weekend At Bernie's," Democrats Will Have To Prop Her Up Until Election


CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: Hugh, the Republican party this morning, they made sure they came in. They said they have something the RNC called StopHillary.GOP. They sent out a little thumb drive that they claim has her e-mails. They're giving out t-shirts. They went to all the news divisions this morning and did this.

You know, I look at sort of an obsession on the right of beating Obama and beating Clinton, Bill Clinton, over the years and they're 0 for 4. Is there a point where you do this too much?

HUGH HEWITT, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, no, not with Hillary. That was a little surreal when the mayor said she'd been thoroughly vetted. That was the talking point that they'd asked him to make sure they got out there. Because of course she hadn't been thoroughly vetted. Brent Budowsky calling her the new Nixon, reminded me this is like a New Coke moment as well.

It's actually like a Weekend At Bernie's moment. I think that they're afraid that they have a candidate that they have to prop up from now until November of '16. There isn't any substance, there isn't any charisma, and most of all she's not trustworthy. And that's what those polls you showed, the Quinnipiac. She fails on the trustworthy question again and again.

TODD: It does seems as though this is a challenge for her to sort of break out of this.

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