Dem Sen. Kaine: Obama Has "Taken The Position" That "Congress Shouldn't Be Weighing In" on Iran Deal


SEN. TIM KAINE (D-VIRGINIA): They don’t like the bill, and they don’t like me being on the bill, and they’ve made that very plain. However, when I started to work with Senator Corker on an earlier version that he had that I didn’t support, we started to work together in January, then we filed the bill in late February.

The White House has given me every bit of information I need when I’ve had questions about the technical aspects of the deal; they’ve provided information. They just have taken the position that Congress shouldn’t be weighing in on this.

My argument to them is, look, you’re negotiating over a Congressional statute. That is the core of this negotiation, what will Iran do to get out from under statutory sanctions, and if you’re negotiating over a Congressional act, Congress is going to be involved. The only question is will it be according to some deliberate process, or will it be under free-for-all rules and I think we’re trying to set up our deliberate process.

(via Breitbart TV)

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