Chuck Todd: Rand Paul Played "Standard Trick" With Savannah Guthrie, "Base Always Ginned Up When You Beat Up The Press"


NBC's Chuck Todd appeared on Andrea Mitchell's MSNBC show to discuss Rand Paul's announcement to run for president and his heated interview with NBC's Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show Wednesday morning.

Mitchell called the combative interview "not a good move." Todd, host of Meet the Press, called Rand Paul's reaction to Guthrie questioning previous statements is a "standard trick" used by politicians because the Republican base "is always ginned up when you beat up the press."

Todd and Mitchell tied the incident with another contentious interview Paul had with a female CNBC anchor earlier this year.

"This is a standard trick in the playbook of some politicians," Todd said. "They don't like the premise of a question that they know puts -- exposes hypocrisy on this and sort of does this, you know, you immediately attack the premise, attack the thing."

"It's sort of standard shtick," Todd also said. "And particularly, I think some Republican candidates believe that there's no downside to it because the base is always ginned up when you beat up the press. You're never going to have the base Republican voters side with the press."

Todd warned that going after female reporters is "turning into a habit" for Paul.

"He's got to be careful here. This is turning into a habit, particularly over -- this is now two prominent women interviewers -- Kelly Evans of CNBC and Savannah," Todd observed.

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