Bloomberg's Heilemann, Halperin: Is Kelley Paul Rand Paul's Secret Weapon?


MARK HALPERIN: Is Kelley Paul a secret weapon—the secret weapon-- for Rand Paul going forward?

JOHN HEILEMANN: Well she’s not a secret anymore, after watching her today. I think for a lot of people this will be their first time seeing her in the party, in the country. She played a big role in his Senate campaign, doing a lot of videos and things for him, she was very poised today. Seeing her on the stage today you understand how important and how big an asset a really solid spouse can be.

She looks right now at least like more of an asset than a liability or a null set as it were.

MARK HALPERIN: Yeah, with the exception of William Jefferson Clinton, I don’t think there is another spouse in this contest who could give a speech like she gave today. It was not super poised. If he is the Republican nominee, she is going to have to step up her game at the convention, but for an announcement it was strong, and he needs more than anything else someone who loves him, will testify to the country what a big heart he has, because he is not good at showing his heart. She today testified for him. Very powerful, you’ll see a lot of that for sure.

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