Andrea Mitchell: Rand Paul Has To Be "Prepared To Answer Questions" Like "The Way Barack Obama Did"


ANDREA MITCHELL: The rollout was widely praised… he hit every note.

CHUCK TODD: Well done. Absolutely. It’s like this is -- this seems to be –

ANDREA MITCHELL: But the rollout was an orchestrated, carefully constructed, no-interview zone. It’s very different when you go up against –

CHUCK TODD: Any interviewer here. Last night on Fox, it is interesting here, he has got, even with Hannity, he wasn't as argumentative as he was with Savannah [Guthrie], but he's trying to brush off the past as if, oh, well, I was just talking. I was a private citizen saying crazy stuff.

Pay no attention to what Rand Paul of 2007 said.

That isn't that long ago. He certainly was preparing to be a public figure. He was a surrogate for his father's campaign. You know, especially if he wants to bring up things that are 25 years old with the Clintons, he's got to be prepared to deal with things that are eight or nine years old with him.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Especially since he doesn't have a long track record in public life.


ANDREA MITCHELL: If he wants to be a senator jumping into this, the way Barack Obama did, you have to be prepared to answer questions about where you were ten or so years ago.

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