Krauthammer Slams "Narcissist" Obama For "Pathological" Attack On Scott Walker Over Foreign Policy; Should Be "More Humble"


Charles Krauthammer reacts to comments President Obama made about Scott Walker and foreign policy in an interview with NPR on Monday.

Obama said Walker should "bone up" on foreign policy after the Wisconsin Governor said he would revoke any agreement with Iran as president.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think this really helps Walker.

It's not just a campaign story. This is a character story. I mean, we all know that Obama is a narcissist. But this is sort of bordering on the pathological. Given the wreckage that he has left America's foreign policy in across the world, and I could go through the list of countries but it would take up the whole segment from all the way from Mali to what's happening in Iran and Iraq and Syria right now.

For him to be condescending to anybody on how to conduct foreign policy is quite remarkable. And if he is giving out advice, I think any president, new president would be knowledgeable enough to, for example, this is one of hundreds. You would not want to tell a KGB thug like Putin that after my election I will be a more flexible because Putin, of course, understands all that and he has reacted accordingly.

You have got a president who has left the United States in a position of more weakness, less respect, less trust of our allies, respect of our enemies around the world, compared to six years ago, when he came into office. I think he should be a little more humble when it comes to offering others advice.

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