Krauthammer on Iran: Lifting Sanctions On Day Deal Is Signed Means "Highway To A Bomb Is Right Here"


BRET BAIER, SPECIAL REPORT: [Sen. Chuck Schumer] said this: "This is a very serious issue about the Iran framework that deserves careful consideration. I expect to have a classified briefing in the near future. I strongly believe Congress should have the right to disapprove any agreement and I support the Corker bill which would allow that to occur."

That would likely be the leader of the Democrats soon.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That would make it a really close vote. The Republicans are near to a veto proof majority but it will depend in part on what the details are. The problem with the deal is really a fundamental one apart from all of the details. In the soundbite you showed you had Obama saying in 2012 that the object of this is to end their nuclear program. That was the understanding. You end the program you get a lifting of sanctions. What we are talking about here is a preserving of the program, leaving it in tact everywhere even the underground facility in Fordow which Obama said if you have a peaceful program there is no need for that. That all stays in tact.

What he is talking about now is preventing a nuclear weapon which means by some calculations you leave the infrastructure in tact but it would take them a while to achieve the bomb. Which means either they are going to wait until the end of the expiration of the deal and then develop an arsenal of weapons, because they're going to have an infrastructure. Or It means that once the sanctions are lifted they'll be quite prepared to cheat. It would take months for the IAEA, the U.N., the entire bureaucracy to verify cheating and to get any action whatsoever.

So, either way the highway to a bomb is right there. And that's the problem, the fundamental issue with the deal. Obama changed the entire idea. And if the press secretary is unable to rule out a lifting of the sanctions on the day a deal is signed in June that is a catastrophe because once it happens you will never have the reimposition of the sanctions and there will be nothing preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

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