Netanyahu To Congress: "You Have Time To Insist On A Better Deal... Ratchet Up The Pressure"


CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: It sounds like you want Congress to kill this deal. It sounds like you want the U.S. Congress to do everything in its power to kill this deal, is that what you would like them to do?

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: I would like the United States and the other members of the P5+1 to get a better deal. There is still time.

This time we can ratchet up the sanctions-- Look biting sanctions were imposed for the first time only in 2012. That got Iran, within 18 months, to the table. Once you got to the table, instead of ratcheting up the sanctions and the pressures, in fact you reduced the pressure, and Iran felt no need to make any concessions at all. You have time to ratcheted up the sanctions and insist on a better deal, and the preferred route for all of us.

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