Dianne Feinstein: I Wish Netanyahu Would "Contain Himself," If He Has "No Real Alternative" To Iran Deal


Senate Intelligence Committee member Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) told CNN’s State of the Union this morning that Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu's efforts to stop President Obama's deal with Iran could "backfire on him." "I wish he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternative," the Jewish senior senator from California said about the Israeli Prime Minister.

DIANNE FEINSTEIN: I think he has said what he has to say, and to be candid with you, this could backfire on him. And I wish that he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternative. In his speech to the Congress — no real alternative. Since then — no real alternative.

CNN: He has said his alternative is more sanctions. What is wrong with that?

FEINSTEIN: It depends on what you believe more sanctions is going to do. More sanctions will certainly drive the program more underground, make it more difficult. A couple of years now have gone in to get this far. It’s a better agreement, candidly, than I thought it was ever going to be…

Otherwise we keep this dynamic going, which is not productive to anything positive in the region.

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