Kerry On Iran Deal: "We've Opened Up The Opportunity To Negotiate"


MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell asks Secretary of State John Kerry how he can trust that Iran will not cheat on the new nuclear agreement.

ANDREA MITCHELL: How can you be so sure, they've cheated before?

JOHN KERRY: Well, we have extraordinary extensive verification measures that have not been applied before... And we've found over the course of the last months, that the interim agreement, everybody agrees it has been lived up to, and nobody therefore is feeling that we don't have the ability to put the tracking in place we need.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Critics have said that you're not accounting for past suspicious activity. Warheads, missiles, etc.

JOHN KERRY: Actually, we've accounted for them, they have them. And we also know they did some things. We absolutely do, and I can't go into all the details of that... but we are very very confident about the regime that is in place...

There are internal documents that people are working with that are quite specific.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Do you think you can get a deal by June?

JOHN KERRY: I hope. It is really dependent on the same kind of willingness to negotiate that we just found here. You can't negotiate with just one party... Anybody who is a party to the negotiation has to engaged and be a part of it, so we will see. I'm not promising anything and neither is the president. What we've done is opened up the opportunity. We have a chance now to work with Congress, to answer questions to look at this carefully, negotiate it out an an appropriate way and seal the deal.

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